We thought it would be fun to share our top YouTube channels and their best video series that inspire us to be better players, teach us more about our instruments, or simply give us a good laugh during a lunch break.


Andertons Music Co: Sound Like...Without Busting The Bank
Yes, we are promoting a fellow music store. There's no denying that this retail music shop from Guildford, England has been pumping out some of the best gear videos on the internet for the past 5 years. They have recently started a ton of new series, including Acoustic Paradisio, All About The Bass, and Guitar Paradisio. But our favorite series, by far, is "Sound Like...Without Busting The Bank". Rabea and Matt try their hardest to sound like a specific artist without spending more than $2,000 on a complete rig.


Rob Chapman: Blindfold Challenge
Rob Chapman is from the same crew as Andertons Music, mentioned above, but has his own channel with a ton of great gear videos. He is a genuine guitar fanatic and even has his own line of guitars. His best videos are any that are recorded inside the Andertons store and of course include Captain Lee. Together, they review tons of great gear and have a really fun time doing it. The Blindfold Challenges are always a hoot.


Phillip McKnight: 5 Things You May Not Know
Phillip McKnight is another gear fanatic with a lot of great video reviews, opinions, and how-to's. He gives many tips on shopping within a tight budget, how to make minor repairs, and the differences between certain lines of guitar models. His most interesting videos are from his "5 Things You May Not Know" series. Whether it's a classic strat, a Les Paul, or a Custom 24, he will find 5 things you didn't know about your favorite guitar.


SpectreSoundStudios: Any Video Badmouthing Bassists
Glenn is an angry recording engineer with an attitude, and that's why we love him. He's crude but to the point. He covers everything about recording and gear reviews. He has a great review of the Mesa Cab Clone and brings up the fact that there are no negative professional gear reviews...ever. Our favorite videos of his are any that talk trash about bassists. We don't endorse his opinion and we of course love all bassists, but the topic makes for a good laugh.


Premier Guitar: Rig Rundown
The folks at Premier Guitar are always finding ways to get backstage of a concert and ransack their gear. They'll either get the artist or the artist's tech to do a full rundown of their gear and how they use it. Sometimes the artist's tech is more entertaining than the actual artist. It's always shocking when they show how simple their gear is and how they only use something if it's absolutely needed. You'll find Squiers in Modest Mouse and fake amps on stage in Dream Theater. You will also learn a lot of tips and tricks that the pros use.